Wednesday, August 18

*absence always makes the heart grow fonder...

Our youngest flew out several weeks ago to get some one on one time with his older brother.  It was his second flight and first flight alone.  I feel sure I was more concerned about this than was he.  He was all for a three hour flight as opposed to a twelve hour drive! 

We are missing our boy, tremendously.  I mean really we are very fond of him, but the absence does make you think only of all the good attributes, the healthy habits and all of the sweet words of encouragement that he is so good at giving, which makes your heart grow fonder.

Henry has always been a high maintenance child and I have always enjoyed the time when he would go to Georgia for a weeks visit with the grandparents in the summer. -Just keeping it real.  I used that time to recharge, to refocus, to relax... But the last year or so he has started to show some maturity and I MISS HIM.

 These pictures were taken with the burst setting.  Check out his facial expressions in each picture. 

 Taken while at Outer Banks a few years ago.. typical Henry. 

 These last two are most recent and some of my favorites. We can see him changing right before our eyes.  He is becoming a man. 

 These were taken a few days before he left. I can only imagine what his hair will look like when we see him.  It will have been a month since last seeing him. He has been letting his hair grow, I am sort of dieing to see it... to see him...


  1. Jonathan remembers playing Legos with Henry. What were they ~ 6 and 7? Jonathan is high maintenance too so I can relate. :-)

  2. Yes Julie, they did! Henry loves his lego's and has quite a collection (from both him and his brothers over the years). He can sometimes still be found playing with his legos. Great creations!


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