Sunday, August 8

*getting closer to the next chapter

I am sort of in a state of  "is this real?".  We have been here for so long and I have come to know this as my home.  We (Eric and I) really grew up (matured) here, our kids grew up here but we are set to finish out elsewhere.  We are excited about the days ahead and grateful for the time that we had here in North Carolina.  I really do consider it a blessing to not have ever moved while in the Army up until right at the end of my dear husbands career.   We are thrilled by the hand of God on our move to Florida, since that is where we were hoping to  head after retirement (of the Army). 

I have blogged here a few times about our move, the work that is involved - nothing different from what you may have once experienced when getting a house ready for the market. This is my last post on this topic and boy are we glad , because it means the work is satisfactorily completed with house ready for the market.

We have patched, painted, repaired, scraped, trimmed, scrubbed, replaced, installed, thinned, packed, and given away many things.

These are our well used counter tops of fifteen years before being removed.  

We ordered the counter tops from Lowes and chose a mid range Formica in a mottled color with the bull nose front. LOVE IT!

Eric installed the counter tops himself, he is so very handy. I am grateful.  We have not had two sink stoppers in years, but since we put in a new sink we have two new stoppers! WOOT!  (It's the small things)

We changed several of our light fixtures to make a total change from brass to polished nickel throughout the home.
This is the fixture we chose for our foyer and hallway. Once again, Eric did all the installation work. ;)

We bought our house in 1995 new, so we got to choose light fixtures (on a budget of course) and we chose brass throughout. It is so '90's (do you hear the sarcasm?),  polished nickel is trendy now  and this was a fan that either needed to be replaced or refaced. I didn't think to take the picture until I had already taken the blades off. 
This stuff is amazing! 
So instead of paying the price of a new fan, we spent seven dollars and recycled this perfectly good fan.

Um... over the years, there was fifteen of them, I painted and touched up when needed. I never knew how easy it was to simply take the door knobs off to avoid painting up the door knobs. When my sweet hubby was on the ladder changing out the hallway light, he suggested we replace the "splotched up brass door knobs".  So, with that, we have new door hardware throughout the house as well. It really does look great.

While this really is more of a picture of our sweet Henry and Frayja, there is new carpet down there. We had new carpet laid in the bedrooms, and boy is it nice. 

So we are set, ready for the next chapter!  Our house goes on the market in less than a week, we are super excited and expectant for what God has for us next. 


  1. Can you believe this is really happening??? So many treasured memories in that home. If you are like me they will begin to flood your mind one by one as you go through each room. God has been so good to us...give thanks!!!
    love you!

  2. I know right! You are right, so many treasured memories played out right here in this home. Blessed to have had many of them with you and your precious ones in many of them as well! Miss you Jen!


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