Monday, August 16

*Oh! Mary Jo's!

Mary Jo's! That's what! Mary Jo's is on the way of my drive to the mountains and unless it is Sunday (because she is closed on Sunday) I will stop. You should stop too if you are ever on 85 near Gastonia. (Exit 21 to Cox Road, Ranlo)   You will  NOT be sorry, you will only be sorry that you never stopped before. 

Mary Jo's is a haven for quilters, seamstress, home decorators and so much more.  The first time I entered the store I was so overwhelmed that I didn't buy anything. Truly.  As a quilter, with at least one quarter of the store being quilters cottons... um... I couldn't even think straight.  All I could think is this: "Oh, I will take one cut of each and every fabric you have!"  Since that wasn't happening, I left the store and stopped on my way back.  I have gotten much better since that first visit. I either enter the store with a plan of listed needs or I enter with the plan to collect some fat quarters @ $1. 25 each and yard cuts @ $5ish  that catch my eye.  Many quilters cottons you will find as low as $4.59 per yard, but you will also find some designer (Michael Miller, Amy Butler and more) priced around $6.50 per yard.  The selection of batiks are to die for.  You will be delighted to find civil war reproduction, flannels, batiks, aunt gracie's, team themed fabrics, anything from animals to patriotic - she has it all! 

So... if you ever find yourself in or around Charlotte, in or around Gastonia, you have got to make the drive up 85 to Mary Jo's.  Read about her (Mary Jo's) life, it is a sweet story, which will make you fall more in love with the store.

To my delight, my youngest son and I were able to met Mary Jo while in the store on one of our visits.  She is right there on the floor, working, organizing and making sure things are just so for each suspecting customer that comes that way.  Delightful lady, glad to be a patron to her establishment and you will be too!


  1. I love it when you write about Mary Jo's. Makes me a little homesick. I'm looking forward to going there with my girls when we come home!

  2. I can only imagine the eyes on your lil' girls as they look at the vast array of bolts! What fun!


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