Friday, August 13

*a show of color

MARY  and I,  after we all swam one night. Um.. yes that is my gown...
This past week I was able to get away for a few days to visit my dearest friend who resides in the mountainous terrain!  I am always thrilled for the trip from start to, well almost thrilled from start to finish.. the finish part is never fun.  The drive to the mountains is quite lovely to me.  Mark, Franziska's dear husband, has a gift for giving directions that takes you on roads that are off the beaten path, but a quicker drive nonetheless.   The roads that I take to her house take me through several undulating hilly areas with cattle, crops and modest farm homes along the way. To me that is peaceful.  It is a time to ponder, to commune as I drive and I enjoy that.  Going to Franziska's is always like a breath of sunshine on a rainy day.

I couldn't help but share these beauties!  These are hanging patiently awaiting to be set in, to be stitched along the way at their rightful time.  She also has another one that is set in, that I forgot to photograph - it of course is gorgeous as well. Enjoy!

Isn't this beautiful? Franziska used batiks mostly with a celtic themed border fabric.  This quilt was made using the Deb Tucker Hunter's Star Ruler.  Here are a few more pics of quilts made using this ruler.

This particular Turning Twenty quilt along with one other, was a joint sewing frenzy that Franziska and I put together right after her family moved into their house in the mountains.  She recently decided to finish the quilt and gift her sweet neighbor with it! Here are a few more Turning Twenty quilts to look on.


Isn't this just lovely? I do love this color combination, no matter how popular it is right now.  Franziska had made a table topper for the month of February and this was the remaining fabric, so she whipped this up!  It will make a sweet lap quilt.

Franziska chose batiks to make this kaleidoscope quilt but perhaps the shades were not quite dark enough for one to get the full effect of the pattern. To me, it is still a beautiful quilt.  I see all kinds of Christmas gifts, don't you?

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