Sunday, August 29

*quilting with Kaye

Yes, I did say quilting!  I have been finding more time to return to my beloved Janome throughout the last few days.  A few months ago I registered and paid for a class being taught by Kaye England.  Kaye has a publishing company and publishes her own books, patterns & DVD's.  She is now designing fabric for Wilmington Prints and speaks at lectures as well as teach classes around the world.  You may have even seen her on HGTV's Simply Quilts.  Simply put, she is a busy lady.  Upon signing up for the class I was not really sure if I would be able to take it or not, but I registered anyway.  Thankfully, I did end up being able to take the class.  While I did enjoy taking a class from Kaye England, my most beloved memories of this day will be sitting next to my REAL quilting teacher and sewing along side her as student to student.   She (Wendie) arrived before I did and she saved me a seat next to her!  Honestly, I felt like the most favored one in the room of nearly thirty ladies. 

I have never taken quilting classes from anyone in ten years besides Wendie.  I am a bit biased - so just don't ask how I like Kaye.  OK?   I did learn a few things, was reminded of much that I had already been taught and generally had a great time.  Here are a few pointers that Kaye preaches at her teachings - When piecing DO NOT IRON/PRESS until the block is FINISHED. She is strong on finger pressing each seam and then pressing the completed block when it is all completed. I have to agree with this now having taken her class.  So many times we quilters may iron instead of press.. or even press aggressively (iron) and distort our lovely fabric.  What we end up doing when completing a block is shameless. Now come on, you all know that if you are piecing cuts that were on the bias, you have had to 'size up' your block due to distortion. I have pieced twelve plus blocks since her class without pressing until completing the block and amazingly each block is perfect twelve and a half inches square as it should be! WOOT! Thanks Kaye! 

We worked on one of the Voices of the Past patterns by Kaye, the Betsy Ross Sampler, to be exact.  I love this pattern.  While I was visiting Franziska a few weeks ago, I shared the pattern with her. It was amazing, she flew off of her bed and entered her storage area where her quilting fabric's live. She returned with some awesome fabrics she had purchased for a patriotic table runner to be completed at some future date.  These became a gift to me, in which I accepted!  I then stopped at Mary Jo's on the way home to find a few more coordinating fabrics to complete the quilting needs for my class.  I am so grateful for a friend who gives without reservation! 

I will be adding an entry when I have completed the top for all to see! Thanks for stopping by! 
(because I love my new phone HTC Incredible.. I have to brag a bit ... these pics are taken with my phone - pretty awesome for a phone camera).


  1. Wow! I love how your patriotic quilt is turning out. Looking forward to seeing the finished quilt!

    Is Mary Jo's calling your name again? I can almost hear it :)

    Love you :)

  2. Mary Jo's is calling my name- and as I said.. I am already trying to see when it is that I will see her again! Thanks (quilt comments). I am loving the blocks too! You did a great job selecting those fabrics ;)

    I love you.

  3. ooohhh...I love the patriotic theme too. Very cool, can't wait to see the finished product. On a different note, do you have a target date yet on the move??


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