Wednesday, August 4

*upcycling a pillowcase

I like that word.. upcycled.  And I love that I found this cute cotton pillowcase some months ago with a sun dress in mind.   Time finally caught up with the pillow case and I was able to get the little dress made.  It was fairly quick and simple to transform it into a little girl's sun dress.

There are many tutorials for making these little dresses on the internet.  I am sure if you put in a search you will come up with many links to check out, just as I did.

It has been a while since I first purchased this sweet pillow case, but I think I only paid one dollar for it at a thrift shop.  I hope it fits the little girl I made it for, maybe a few alterations will have to be done to tweek it just right.  I suppose if you are an adult and you are thin enough, this could be a sun top?


  1. it is adorable Lynette. I love how the Lord has blessed you with such creativity and the willingness to use it to bless others. May He bless you as you have been a blessing to SO MANY!

  2. SO cute, Lynnie! Isn't it fun to be able to do for others like that? One of the things that attracted me to your blog (and later caused me to "follow" you) is that you were making these wonderful things with your hands and then giving them away. Love your giving spirit, Lynnie!

  3. Thanks ya'll. ( my Southern roots are coming out!)
    This was fun to make and a breeze! All of your comments are very encouraging. Thanks for following!


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