Saturday, August 7

*coconut dream pie

Oops, I meant Coconut Cream Pie, for this is what I have been constantly dreaming about, searching for, thinking on since that beautiful rainy afternoon in May of last year.  Last summer Wendie and I met some very dear friends in Paducah Kentucky, home of the National Quilting Museum and Hancocks of Paducah!  All of us once lived in the same city, here in North Carolina and over the years created some strong bonds.  For that summer we were "The Paducah Girls 15 to 69"; with 15 being the youngest and 69 being the oldest!

There were several highlights of our time in Kentucky with some of our best of friends.  One of them being our daily stop at Hancocks of Paducah each morning, migraine or not.. we were at those bins looking at the $3.98 per yard cuts each day. I think one of those days we went twice. 

This is a famous quilt, it has traveled high and low seeking matching fabrics to finish it up.  It made this particular trip to find borders and after much deliberating a perfect match was found that worked great with this Kaffe quilt.

 The youngest of us all, outside the National Quilting Museum -fitting right in!

Another highlight of course was our visit to the quilt museum. Unfortunately we were not able to take any pictures of the exquisite quilts inside of the museum.  Let me just say.. if you are ever in the area you MUST go! 

O.K. So we had lunch at this place down by the river in Paducah (wish I could remember the name of the place), where we also had dessert!  Here you see my friend, Robyn, trying to make the decision to order a piece of THE pie. She did take the plunge.. I know she is glad she did. In fact, I think they have been there since! Oh am I jealous!

Wendie and I shared a piece.. we wait!!!!

I look at these pictures a bit embarrassed because Wendie and I were sharing this slice, it seems I could have pushed the dish a bit closer to her. But no.  It was so delicious.

I am so grateful for this time. It was a gift to me on so many different levels. There is just something about being with loved ones, having fun, laughing til you almost wet your pants, and even having the blessed opportunity of tears that heal past hurts. Amen?!

I love this picture of that very afternoon on which we spent time in that fabulous restaurant there in Paducah! Don't you just love the life, the movement in this picture?  Out front is Wendie, a mother figure in mine and Robyn's life  looking back at Fallon, Robyn and Madeline. 

This post came about due to my insatiable desire for a piece of warm Coconut Cream Pie. I have searched recipes, only cooking one of them this past week.  Um.. it was NOT the recipe that captured the creamy taste of the dish I had part of a year ago.  It turned out pretty in pictures... (the picture on the recipe looks JUST LIKE the slice we had in Paducah..)

but let me just tell you that it was not even in the ball park in comparison to the one I had in Kentucky. As I sit and write this I am realizing that I may never taste pie that good again. I think maybe it was paired with the goodness of the actual pie, but also with the company I was in at the time of enjoying it.  So now you know that should you find yourself in Paducah, Kentucky take a drive down to the river front.. seek out the restaurant that serves homemade pies.  Treat yourself, order a whole piece just for yourself. Enjoy!

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