Monday, August 2

*because today is Monday...

Because today is Monday and because I worked my fingers to the bones this weekend and because I am home alone, I am taking today OFF. Today, Monday, August 2nd, 2010, is deemed as a sewing day! I did say I was alone, but if you have three cats around you and a seventy seven pound pup then you are not alone... right? Yes, I did say seventy seven... that was today's weigh in.

I shall start sewing shortly, but before I head off for that I wanted to share with you all a most delightful day which was part of my July. I have belonged to two wonderful quilting groups since becoming a quilter ten years or so ago. The first group that I was a part of, the group where I learned alongside others how to actually quilt, met once a week for a number of years. We have not all been together for several years but this July, Wendie, our teacher organized a time for all of us to reunite! It was a wonderful time. A number of ladies who were a part of our group when we used to meet weekly have since moved away, they were sorely missed.

  (Cindy and Leota were present.. but are not in this picture - here we are before we got started with the block)

Wendie invited everyone to bring some pieces of fabric in which she would lead all of us into making a block which would ultimately be given to me at the end of the day as a memory block from each lady. I even have blocks from the ladies who have since moved from the area. What a sweet day. What a sweet thing for Wendie to do for me. I now have a "memory quilt" from both of the quilting groups that I have been involved in.

After we had our beloved time of sewing, we went inside the dining area and had lunch at Valarie's. Several of these ladies I see at church, but others I haven't seen in a while, so sitting and listening to them talk, laugh and share was truly a lovely moment in time. Upon finishing up our day Valarie (our host) declared that we must do this every year.. a yearly reunion of the Wednesday Quilting Group! I hope to be able to make it as often as I am able in the years to come.


These are my sweet basket blocks that was completed on this day by my sweet friends. I will hold them near and dear to my heart. I am humbled by some of the ladies willingness to pull out their machines, to cut and piece even though they haven't sewn in a while.

At some point there were a few serious discussions about quilts that had been completed in the past.  There was a disagreement about which quilt had been finished when and what it was called! Funny times!

Isn't it great when your best friend, who is also a quilter, who was a part of the group can drop things in the mountains to head your way for such a time as this? Though her visit was quick it was very  much enjoyed and needed!  I have not laughed until I cried since the last time I seen her.


  1. What a lovely, lovely bunch of ladies! You've been very blessed Lynnie!! I so enjoyed seeing some familiar sweet faces here!!! I'm so glad you shared this!

  2. Julie I really have been blessed by being a part of both groups, such lovely ladies. I will miss both groups deeply.


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