Friday, February 11

*cathedral window opened again

While cathedrals were some of the most ambitious architectural projects conceived in their time, far exceeding the size and complexity of most other buildings and often requiring many years to construct, the Cathedral Window Quilt can successfully completed by an advanced quilter or a beginning quilter.

I had Wendie to give me lessons on how to create this beautiful quilt before finishing up my last classes with her this past year.  She has seen several books on how to construct this beauty, but recommends one written by Nancy J. Martin.   Nancy wrote Cathedral Window - A Fresh Look, unfortunately it is no longer in print so you have to find a copy on such sites as Amazon, Ebay, etc.   (Actually Amazon has a copy for just a few cents plus shipping)   I have even seen this book in a local used book store, so you  just never know where you might find a copy.  The book is well written and has many great illustrations - I love that in a teaching book since I prefer hands on learning.

I hope to finish this (one day). I was given this black and white toile decorator fabric with a heavier weight than a quilters cotton, almost like duck cloth but not quite.  When I spoke with Wendie about learning how to quilt the Cathedral Window I mentioned the weight of this fabric and Wendie agreed that it would be perfect for this project.  I am loving how this is turning out!

This project is an excellent project to take on the go.  It transports easy, all of the sewing at this stage is done by hand so you will not have idle hands while in the car on trips, waiting at doctor's offices or sitting at sports practices!

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  1. Lynette this is absolutely beautiful!! Enjoy your lovely company!!!

  2. Thanks Trina! I am enjoying having my beloved here with us! We are getting things taken care of and also enjoying the much needed company of each other.

  3. It is beautiful, Lynnie! I can see why you like it so much! Have a wonderful week!

  4. That is beautiful Lynnie. Glad your husband made it home!!!!!

  5. Pretty! Great use for the toile. Thanks for linkin up at BOMs Away :) I'm having withdrawals from my sewing machine while on this trip!


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