Tuesday, February 15

*do you remember

A long time ago, in the mid 70's to be precise, when I was a young girl in elementary school we would make Valentine Boxes several days before the Valentines celebration.  These boxes were usually made of discarded cigar boxes or shoe boxes.  I always loved it when we could get a cigar box because it opened like a hinge which I thought was always more interesting than a lift off shoe box lid.   We would adorn the simple boxes with white tissue paper, red heart cut outs, glue and sparkling glitter.  Lastly we would cut a slot on the top so the cards could be dropped in.

Do you remember this time in your childhood? You arrive at school with your signed Valentine cards in a brown paper bag just waiting for the time to be right so you could walk around the room and drop your cards in your class mates boxes?  Your mother might come with sweet cup cakes or a bag of candy for the class. 

Today I was brought back to that time!  Yes it is a day after Valentines, but nonetheless the feelings came flooding in and filling my mind with sweet memories.   I received this Valentine card in the mail today. Simple Valentine in a simple envelope.  What made it so sweet to me was the fact that this is all that was in the envelope. For a moment I felt like I was in grade school again.  Thanks FranZiska! I think you are neat and sweet too.


  1. What a sweet memory your friend provided you with, Lynnette. I do remember those days and loved them just as much as you! And cigar boxes...now THAT also brought back lots of memories. I LOVED cigar boxes because I would use them for my treasures! Cigar boxes and garden gates have always intrigued me...and still do! ;) Thank you for sharing this wonderful sentiment with us!

  2. I love that you loved it and you got exactly the thought that I had when I sent it and that was a simple card, like when we were in grade school.

    Love you girl

  3. Me too, Dianna! I love cigar boxes!

    Franziska, I love you too!


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