Saturday, February 5

*no strangers here

This evening when I went out for a walk I took along some carrots just in case I had the opportunity to feed Mr. Sellar's ponies.   The horses were all out on the east side of our property this evening somewhat in the distance. I pursed my lips and made a sound and after several tries got the attention of one pony.  One pony jetted off in my direction as if I had delectable treat just waiting for him.  

As the pony came closer I was not surprised to find that it was Mr. Greedy!   I had taken a large bag of carrots with me because normally all of them come over together.  Mr. Greedy was able to gobble down three large carrots in no time flat!

 No strangers here, at least not with Mr. Greedy! 


  1. so happy for you :) This whole place just screams your name :)

  2. Thanks Holly. The Lord is really stretching me in some areas regarding this property. I am really enjoying it all. We are homesteading and I am excited about being able to provide for many in our small community when able!

    Franziska.. yes it does look like Mr. Greedy is smiling at me in that picture! Love it!

  3. Mr. Greedy is adorable...and well, greedy! lol


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