Thursday, February 10

*husbandman arrives

One who is devoted to the tillage of the soil; one who cultivates a farm; an agriculturist; a husbandman.

Mr. Husbandman has arrived!  Eric was supposed to arrive tonight but he surprised me by one day early!  While Henry and I were "in town" (literally just at Walmart in the neighboring town 25 minutes away) yesterday, we got a call from Eric. He normally calls me on his way home from work; it was around that time.  He stated that he was on his way home and asked if we on our way home.  When we arrived back at Erilyn he was out by the barn showing our other cats their new Floridian home. After a potential snow in North Carolina on the day he had originally planned to leave he decided it best if he left a day early.

He brought me these ....

...and said "Happy Valentines!"  The beautiful thing about that is, I love it!  I don't require diamonds and gold, the simple thought of something so practical delights me more than precious stones. He knows this. He knows me.

Sneak Peek of an upcoming post: 


  1. I LOVE it, Lynnie! A wonderful post!

  2. It's so nice to be "known". He speaks your love language doesn't he?!

  3. Yes Julie! It is nice to be known.. and he does speak my love language! This week is Valentines and next week is our anniversary! What a sweet time to be together!


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