Sunday, February 6

*reveal (repurposing of doors)

This past week I have been somewhat busy unpacking more boxes that have been set aside for a few months. Since my beloved is coming this week and since he is blessing me in the way of bringing my sewing machine, I unpacked my sewing studio boxes! 

I have a large oak entertainment center back in North Carolina that I had always used for storing my quilting cottons on.  It is rather heavy and bulky. If I can get around not needing it, it will be one less thing that has to be moved when the time comes.

Henry assisted me in building the supports for each shelf.  While it is not a perfectly constructed shelving unit, it is perfectly functional and I am happy with it. I think I am going to add one more level of shelves.  This room is very spacious and will make a great sewing studio and perhaps doubling as a soaping studio.

On the opposite end of the room you will find our chick brooder.  Speaking of the brooder.. I am off to clean it and give them a fresh start for the week ahead! Have a great Sunday afternoon!


  1. Lynnie, what a WONDERFUL sewing studio you are going to have! It is so light and cheerful by its very nature of so much natural light. You and Henry did a super job on the shelving unit!

    And to think, this could also turn into a soaping I'm really happy for you! That is one thing I want to learn how to do. Are there any particular books that you have used as resource material?

    Love your valentine background! Know you'll enjoy your time with your hubby when he makes it!

  2. That is a great work space Lynnie! Love all the natural light you have in there! I too would love to make soaps one day, so I'm looking forward to what you add here concerning that.

    Enjoy your time with your hubby!!

  3. So awesome! I am so happy for you! What a great home God has blessed you guys with! The quilted Valentine cards were precious! I love how innovative you were with these shelves. Miss you bunches! XOXOXO


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