Friday, February 4

*repurposing underway

The house that we closed on in November is starting to look a bit more like home.  

The bedroom closets had folding doors, which we promptly removed.  Eric seems to hold great contempt in his heart for folding closet doors. I am guessing that he didn't get along with the folding doors in the house he grew up in?! Anyway.  I have decided to repurpose the doors in such a way that when looked at, only oh's and ah's will be released!  Stay tuned for my transformation!

(P.S. My beloved is coming for a 'visit' soon and will be here at his home in Florida for two weeks!)
(P.S.S. He is bringing my sewing machine!!!!)


  1. Can't wait to see what you have in mind for those folding doors!

  2. Have a wonderful two weeks with your hubby, Lynnie. And I can hardly wait to see those doors repurposed when you finish with them!


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