Tuesday, February 22

*the simple woman's daybook

FOR TODAY  (February 22, 2011)

Outside my window... I see so much life. I see new grass peeking through where it has just recently been grays and browns, I see spring flowers starting to emerge from the soil and in the midst of all of that I see Robins, Blue Birds, Cardinals and many many squirrels.
I am thinking... of the long running list of things that I need to either start or finish for getting our garden ready for planting.
I am thankful for...my darling husband of 25 years! Today is our 25th anniversary and he is in another state.  He is a treasure with so many gifts to give, over the years I have from time to time seen the lack in him, but God has changed my vision over the last number of years and I see his gifts. I am truly grateful for my beloved and everything about him.
From the kitchen... does a bowl of Raisin Bran cereal count? Our youngest son is at our oldest sons for the night, so I haven't cooked in a few days. Chili is on my mind here at the end of the winter though.
I am wearing...the overalls that my beloved gave me for Valentines along with an undershirt and I am barefooted.
I am creating...a layout for some patchwork pieces that I started more than a year ago. I hope to get the quilt top laid out soon so I can sew a bit.
I am going...to pick up Henry soon so we can come home and get some planting done.
I am reading.. Her Daughters Dream by Francine Rivers, almost done!
I am hoping...to get all the raking done this week.
I am hearing...the lovely music from Dianna's blog playing in the back ground. I usually automatically turn the music off on any blog I am visiting. It is too distracting for me, in addition I often already have my own music playing, but this is simply soothing..
Around the house...it is quiet. My dear beloved was here for 9 days, and his parents were here for the last three of them but all is quiet now.
One of my favorite things...is watching my sons and husband interact with each other.
A few plans for the rest of the week: Finish tiling the ground for our rows of potatoes, plant the fruit trees we picked up, plant the berry bushes, lay some more tile, grout the tile, finish raking and spend an afternoon with some dear friends who are coming over for a visit from southern Alabama.
Here is picture for thought I am sharing..

I have decided to join many other lovely ladies who are journaling in their own Simple Woman's Daybook each Tuesday. My friend Dianna has several journal type post she makes and I always look forward to reading them, perhaps mine will be enjoyable as well!

If you are interested in doing your own daybook stop in at Peggy's to join me and many other ladies!


  1. Welcome aboard, my friend! I LOVED your entry! So glad that other ladies are going to have a chance to meet you, too. :-)

  2. What a sweet glimpse into your day. Congratulations on your 25 years of marriage! Happy Anniversary!

  3. Overalls and barefoot...of course you are. And THAT put a smile on my face! Looking forward to our visit!

  4. Happy Anniversary. I enjoyed reading your entry. Be blessed,

  5. Happy belated ann. I hope you enjoy your visit with Jenn...so grateful that the Lord is providing that opportunity for you. I miss you. I miss your sweet gentleness and the Lynnette laugh that is so well......free.

  6. OH Trina! I miss you too! I miss our talks on our walks!


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