Sunday, February 20

*peep update

Remember just a few days shy of a month ago we added 10 baby chicks to our madness?  They were just a week or so old when we purchased them from the feed store and now we guesstimate that they are about 7 weeks old.  They have gone from being soft puffy little critters to strong and almost fully feathered pullets!

We have had a great time watching them grow and change. The changes are so many that it seems they are changing daily before our eyes. Their pin feathers started coming in just a week or so ago and they are nearly fully feathered now, some of them still have some down on their heads and necks.  My little golden headed fave is almost undetectable among the other two Rhode Island Reds now.

I hope to add a short video soon of my feathered friends enjoying some greens. They love salad..and they love to be hand fed the salad, some will even run and jump to get at it if you hold it high enough. I am so grateful for God's creatures. I am especially grateful for them on a day like today,  they do bring some enjoyment in the midst of taking care of them.   This week Henry and I have to build a portable coop for these ladies!

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  1. Isn't it amazing to watch them grow from chicks on through? They are beautiful, Lynnie! I'll look forward to that video!


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