Tuesday, February 22

*one day old chicks fly (to Florida)

When I told my dear husband that more chickens would arrive during the time he was in Florida he expected that someone local was going to delivery them. Well, someone was going to deliver them - the postal office.  I wanted to add some interest to our flock so I made an order from Ideal Poultry (www.idealpoultry.com) with an assortment of chickens that were hatched out on February 16th.  The tiny chicks were boxed up just a few hours after hatching and sent on their way.  Our chicks left the hatchery on the 16th and arrived here at EriLyn on the 18th at 8:00AM.  When you order from a hatchery it is best that you contact your postal office and let them know you are expecting chicks so they can call you upon their arrival. The baby chicks do not need to ride around on the delivery truck all day waiting to be hand delivered to you.  

We started with Rhode Island Reds, Black Giants, and Americanas, upon the arrival of the new chicks we added these breeds:  White Giant, Buff Leghorn, Barred Plymouth Rock, Light Brahma, and the Deleware breed.  I ordered several of each of these, so we now have a total of 22 chickens in our flock!


  1. They are so cute, Lynnie! Makes me want to reach right through my monitor and stroke them. :-)

    It reminds me of when we kept bees and they would come in to the post office. The postmaster would always call us when we received a shipment...they wanted them out of the post office as soon as possible after they arrived. :-)

  2. Love, Love, Love it!!! I cant wait to come and see you, your chickens, rabbits, Freya and family at EriLyn!! Love the name by the way!

  3. Oh Dianna BEES! That is also on our list of interest. One thing at a time though.. I would love any tips or knowledge you have to share regarding keeping bees!

    Trina! I can't wait for a visit with you also!

  4. You are amazing. Really. May the Lord bless your nest. :)

  5. Wow! That's quite a flock Lynnie! They are so adorable. :-)

  6. HOlly- you are amazing too! Indeed may the Lord bless our nests.

    Julie, they are adorable aren't they?!


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