Saturday, August 8

happy birthday dear mother-in-love

Today is my husbands' mother's birthday!

Happy Birthday to you, Mom!

You know, I have always been a bit bothered by the term used to identify your family members by marriage (by law), in-laws or perhaps it is really the negative connotations that usually come with the identifier -"in laws". I do understand that one becomes family by law , but they also become family members because of love. With this in mind, I call my "in-laws", "in-loves". My mother-in-love has really always been a gift to me। From the beginning I was welcomed with open arms and a heart full of love - before she really even knew me. This always really amazed me. It isn't as if I wasn't worthy of love or even that I did things to repel her love, but it just always came unconditionally and still does. She is one of those mothers who fully gave their son away on his wedding day. I am so grateful that she trusted God in that, I was good enough for her son. Far too many folks are suffering with pain due to mothers not being able to let go of their sons upon their marriage. I have been married to her son for 23 years now and as one can imagine our relationship has had some ups and downs, but so has my marriage. That is part of developing a relationship isn't it? Over the years we have had some really great times together and I pray I have been as much a blessing to her as she has been to me. Happy Birthday Mom! I love you.

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