Friday, August 28


So, what do you know? I speak of things on my heart, a simpler life and I then received my "Far Above Rubies" magazine in today's mail. As I was reading along and turning the pages of this little bundle of wisdom, I came to an article entitled "Simplicity" and a picture of very crude little cabin with children sitting on the front steps. I must admit as I hesitantly looked at this image, I was afraid, very afraid. I thought to myself, Lord, you have got to be kidding me. You want me to really consider simplicity in this manner? I quickly laid the little magazine down (without reading anything further). Once I gained enough courage to pick it up again, I did open it up to the page with the article and timidly read it. While this family sought God in what seemed like an ongoing search for simplicity, the actions taken were moderate in the beginning. Then they moved to a simple one room cabin on top of a mountain in Virginia. They had an out house, an out house for crying out loud. OK at this point you know I am thinking Lord, Lord? I continued the read. Bottom line is the house they moved from did not sell, so after living in the cabin for six months they had to move back to their nice big home in Wisconson. OK.. This was a relief (to me). Marisa, who wrote the story of their search to simplicity comes to the conclusion after much prayer, a move or two and much more prayer; that simplicity is a state of the Heart! Whew! I breathed another sigh of relief.

I am sure you know what I am talking about. You pray about something and the Lord speaks to you through song, articles, people around you or whatever He chooses. When I got this magazine I thought this was going to be one of those times. Indeed it was, it confirmed what I had felt simplicity was for me at this season in my life.

For more information on this publication you can go HERE.

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