Thursday, August 13

a stitch in time -(updated) -

Since my original post on this topic, I have met with my quilting friends and have a few other Mid Mad quilts to show. This one above was done up in Kaffe Fassett fabrics by our very own teacher.

I am sorry I did not get them to hold this one up.. it is a gorgeous quilt! This one is also made using the Mid Mad quilt pattern, I still don't know the real name for this pattern, but plan to get it! This one was made by Anne, another lovely lady in our quilting group.


A few of the beauties that I have completed this past year...

These next 3 quilts including the one up above were made using the pattern that we were introduced to at our annual 'Midnight Madness' which was held our teachers home. I do not remember the name of this pattern, but it is like a square in a square. I love this quilt. As you can see it was an easy one to make as I have made a total of 4 of these. A couple of the ones I made using this pattern are baby size quilts and a couple toddler size. The one up above was the one I started the night of Midnight Madness, it is one of my favorites.

This one was done in the Aunt Grace fabric's and has been finished and currently hangs on one of our quilt racks here at home. One day it may go to granddaughter or it may end up with us forever just being snuggled under by the grands when they visit. OH, I can dream can't I!

The blue beauty... I finished this one and gifted a sweet friend with it for their newest addition to their family.

Doesn't this one look delicious, like you could just eat it! As I neared finishing this quilt, my BFF asked me who it was for and I told her some one's baby. I didn't have a recipient in mind just yet, it was just a sweet finished baby quilt. She informed me that she NEVER had a baby quilt, so guess who this went out to? There is no way she could continue on in life without ever having received a baby quilt.

This year we made several quilts using some of Deb Tucker's rulers. These two are both made using her Hunter's Star Ruler. Many of the ladies in our class made this very quilt. Deb also has a petite Hunters Star Ruler, which is just beautiful as well. You can find more information out about Deb Tucker by clicking HERE. The quilt above was finished and given to my sons principal this past summer.

I completed this one May a year ago, for my father-in-love. This is backed in flannel and has a great masculine feel to it. This was made using Deb Tucker's Hunter Star Ruler as well.

This past year has been one of the most productive "quilting" years to date. I have had times when sewing came with much ease and then other times in the past year where I had to seek out the time for sewing. I know I have sung her praises before, but I am so grateful for my quilting teacher and her willingness to continue teaching a bit longer, thanks again Wendie!

I am currently working on a charm pack quilt, which I shouldn't have started since I have so many other fires going. The other "fires" include two kaleidoscope quilts that desperately need my attention so they can get finished. Hmmm lets see, Oh, then I have 4 quilt tops that need to be set in and quilted. I do hope this sounds like a familiar story to you fellow quilters.

I hope you enjoy looking at my interpretation of colors in each of my quilts. I have been sitting in my sewing room a bit the past few days but cannot seem to get myself motivated to sew, it sure isn't for the lack of things to do.

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