Thursday, August 27

living the simple life

Living the Simple Life, that is what I desire. I have been reading about the simple life a bit here lately. It is what I am seeking (again), and I know it will find me out. It isn't as if I don't know what the simple life means for me, I have been there before. But it seems lately some things have snuck in, snuck in not so much in my physical life but mentally. You see I say, for me because what is a simple life for me may not be the same for you. Reincorporating these and other things would bring more simplicity to my life again:

  • having a cup of hot tea on the back lawn listening to the critters on a cool fall morning with my journal (when the mosquitoes are not in season...otherwise I have to get complicated with my repellent which defeats being simple..*grin*)
  • having time to take a walk every day
  • going to bed at a reasonable hour because I have simplified and no longer need to stay up restless hours getting things done.
  • knowing when to say "no". As I have said before, someone very wise has said to me on many occasions; "Just because there is a need does not always , mean it is a call of God on my part to take care of that need."
  • taking all thoughts captive to Christ...
There are other things that I practice to keep simplicity in my life. When I say simplicity, I really mean peace. What are some things you have done that most other women could do that would bring a bit of simplicity to their lives as well? Please feel free to share you wisdom by posting a comment.

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