Monday, August 10

snow in august?

As I sat near the window with a chill on this morning, I took these beautiful pictures of last nights snow fall! OK, so I didn't take them this morning and I didn't have a chill. Last night when I was looking at pictures that were taken over this past year these just made me long for some cooler weather. On a hot day like today, I whole heartily welcome a snow covered lawn! Surely as the sun shines the cooler days of fall will be upon us.

Speaking of the fall, yesterday I took a trip out to a great little shop, Just Country NC that always has something desirous to claim as my own. I say a trip, because it is quite a drive from home but well worth it. I have to use some self control and remember that I need to um.. pay the mortgage, and buy groceries and various other things. When I do have some extra spending money, this is one of my favorite places to visit. I know they will always have a delicious scent or two for my tart burner and possibly a sprig of this or that with a fall twist for one of my fall vases. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

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  1. I loved your story about the snow...You had me reeled in! Thank you for the birthday sentiments! I had a wonderful birthday...

    I know you miss fried green tomatoes. Please give me a call...I have extra green tomatoes on the vine and I will be glad to share with you. Have you ever made Green Tomato Soup? I have a great recipe I can share with you...Cindy


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