Thursday, August 20

simply charming

Aren't "charm packs" great? Charm packs are a collection of 5 X 5 inch squares of Moda fabrics. Franziska (my BFF) and I discovered the beauty (no cutting) of charm packs on her last visit. Like anything, there are many books that have been published with creative quilt patterns for the charms. A quilt shop that I recently paid a visit to, Quilts 'n tiques had a bunch of their charm packs marked down 30%, so I did buy a few! I don't quite have this one sewn together yet.. but here is a picture of what I have done thus far. I do love the way the blocks contrast against each other giving the illusion of a big square.

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  1. Hi Lynnie, Say "Hi" to Franziska for me...I know you two are having a great time together quilting. I, too love those little charm packs and I love the quilt you are working on! I do not have the book, Simply Charming, but just may have to buy it. Have fun...Cindy


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