Sunday, August 16

quilts, quilts and more quilts

Since I started sharing my recently (within the last year) finished quilts, I felt compelled to load up the other beauties and let you see them too! It has been harder to give some of my quilts away most recently. When I first started quilting I did not want to keep any of them, or should I say it was hard to keep any of them. Some of the first ones I made were completed with hand quilting and were/are very beautiful. In fact, the first quilt I made for my oldest son is a blue and white log cabin in the barn raising lay out - stenciled with intricate designs and then hand quilted... each stitch in love! What are you currently working on?

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  1. Wow. That is a whole lot of quilts. My favorite one would have to be the symbolic flag one the your husband designed. My very patriotic and loving history myself, it would definitely be at the top.
    I am currently working on a quilt for my little boy. I am using a snail trail pattern to make a quilt that looks like swirling water. He has a bedroom with pirate stuff, ocean stuff, and a globe, etc. It will tie everything together.
    Love your blog, by the way


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