Friday, August 14

turning twenty again and again...

Have you heard of the Turning Twenty quilt books by Tricia Cribbs? While I really enjoy laboring over a quilt with intricate design it is nice to have a "no brainer" quilt to work on every now and then! My BFF and I bought a few of Tricia Cribbs books and have really enjoyed the simplicity of these quilt patterns which allow you to literally put a quilt top together in just a day or so. I have chosen to meander all of the Turning Twenty quilts that I have made thus far. Enjoy the pictures of my Turning Twenty quilts.

The one above is currently being finished for my sister as a house warming gift. Congratulations on that house!

This one and the one right above were made with the Shangri La Moda fabric line - LOVE IT. This quilt was finished and given as a gift to one of my son's teachers this past school year.

Turning Twenty Again was the pattern I used for this quilt. I worked on this last summer to have it finished for one of my dear cousins which was given to her at our family reunion last July. There is a teal T appliqued on the quilt for "Theresa". It was fun to play around with all the different lay out possibilities.

Where there is a quilt.... there is a cat (in my house anyway).

While I had already made a quilt for our oldest son, this was a bittersweet project for me to work on. I literally finished this quilt the very day he left home and drove off to Florida. He chose the fabrics, which are the Sand and Surf fabric collection.

While this one is similar it is not the same as the one above. I made this in record time as well for my adopted daughter, Sarah's graduation. If you look closely you can see the pink square somewhat off to the left center. It is the only pink the whole quilt. It was put there as a representation of herself as I see her; separate, set apart. In addition, I asked her for some of her favorite scriptures, sayings, etc and used a permanent pen to inscribe those throughout the quilt top.

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