Tuesday, December 1

*the call

Traditionally this is the time of year that families draw closer together.  It is a time to "go home", or a time for new families to start their own family traditions.  This year our family will all be together, but not so for all the servicemen and women around the world.   We all have our individual lives and all that entails, but may I ask you to pray for the soldiers around the world who are once again apart from their loved ones.   Just imagine for a moment how it would effect you if your family member were over seas fighting and there was an empty chair at your table daily, or at the family gathering at Thanksgiving or perhaps not there to see the child like joy in the eyes of the one opening gifts.  It is the call of each serviceman so I am sure they are not taken by surprise by the call.  You be sure that they are proud to go, proud to stand and proud to fight.  Surely they would rather be with their family, but this is their call.

Our call back home is to intercede on their behalf, and their families. Mark your prayer journal. Will you answer the call?


  1. I can totally relate, as this Thanksgiving was one of the only handfuls of time Mike has actually been home for this holiday. Next Thanksgiving he will be gone for his 7th deployment since 9/11. From then till now he was been in this war for 43 months. I'm not saying to pity me, but for all of you reading this, do remember to pray for these soldiers and their families. Your prayers are vital :)

  2. I love your "consider this" quote on the top of your blog! That is a GREAT message to live by!! Thank you for sharing that!!


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