Monday, December 14

*it's on its' way!

Finally!  After a year this quilt is about to be history, or rather the making of it will be history.  I will be so glad to have this one behind me.  I love quilting with all that is within me, and I love my daddy with all that is within me.  He is neither short of the work that I put into this quilt nor the laborious pains I have suffered during the constructing of this particular quilt.  Drunkards Path. Solomon's Puzzle. Whatever you call it.. you WILL NOT find this one on my cutting board ever again.  Perhaps I have a poor attitude towards this particular pattern.  A friend of mine, Amelia, loves this pattern.  I am thinking she is half-witted, for anyone with a bright mind would detest this pattern.  I am kidding of course.  Curves, small curves in a quilt pattern are just not for me.  Alas, I have finished the piecing, border, setting in and now getting ready to go to the machine to put some defining and finishing touches on this labor of  deep love that I will give to my Daddy on Christmas Day!  I am going to finish it up with a solid blue fabric  for the binding that matches the blue fabric in the piecework. I am sure you will see a finished picture with me and my glass of wine to celebrate the finishing so I don't have to  whine any longer.

I am so grateful for the tile floor in our kitchen!  The backing is taped down securely.

Layer one of batting.  I am using one layer of Bamboo batting.

 and.. one layer of Warm & Natural Cotton batting.  This should keep him warm!

Now for the top to be laid out and smoothed out before pinning in.  I am machine quilting this one so I am setting it in with pins.  I did not have enough of the preferred fabric, so I had to put borders on with a fabric I did not originally pick for this quilt. It works, but not my favorite. I am hoping the dark blue binding will put a 'stop' on it and finish it off nicely.  Either way.. I know my Daddy will love it. 

Now for the pinning.  My thumb will no doubt be looking a bit like cubed steak when I am done, but I will  be so happy to have this part finished. It means I am ALMOST there!

Pinning. And singing. And sweating. And removing clothing articles. 

All done pinning.  Ready to get it under the needle!!!!!


  1. Wow! That is a beautiful quilt! You are sooo talented. Is that a Charleston sweet grass basket you keep your pins in?? Love that picture ~ quilts and baskets ~ two things I love!

  2. Oh Thanks Julie! I wish I liked it more, perhaps that will come when I am ALL finished quilting it! LOL. Yes that is a Charleston sweet grass basket - while I did not buy it there myself we did take a vacation to Charleston a few years ago and watched the weavers in the streets. My dear-mother-in-love gave me this one. It is one she bought years ago when the lived in Charleston. I, too love it! Thanks!


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