Tuesday, December 29

*Christmas, enjoyed

On the back is our oldest son, Robby and our niece Keirstyn who is my oldest sisters daughter. Then sitting in my dads lap is our nephew Austin, with his brother Skyler next to him - my youngest sisters boys and on the end with the bunny ears (that my 65 year old dad couldn't resist creating) is our Henry.

And once again the grands with their Meme (my mother).
~~Henry almost 15, Robby 23, Austin 12, Keirstyn 8, Skyler 14~~

This is a great pic of everyone except me... I was in the middle of talking..
Me, my baby sister- Bridgette, our Dad, Lori- my oldest sister

We drove down to Georgia a few days before Christmas, spent the first part of our trip with my family at my sisters' new house.  She and her husband wanted to have our family Christmas at her house last year but the builders missed the finish date.  She had a FULL house this Christmas!  There were twenty-three of us at the dinner table.  It was crazy, but good. We had our traditional spread, and when I say spread - I mean S-P-R-E-A-D.  My mother gardens each summer to harvest various beans, corn and more which show up on the Christmas dinner menu.  Her dressing is like none other that I have ever eaten, I always look forward to the savory taste of her dressing.  Our dessert table was, ahem, over flowing as well.  There was Red Velvet Cake, Carrot Cake, Pumpkin Pies, Pecan Pies, Banana Bread, Fudge, and several other dishes which I do not remember at the present.  Some time after dinner on Christmas Eve we opened presents with my side of the family.

Early on Christmas morning we woke up (to an alarm- ugh), packed, showered and headed over to Eric's parents' home to celebrate Christmas with them.  We had a lovely morning with them and slowly moved towards present opening with them as well.  At some time during our visit we played some UNO which was a howling good time!











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  1. Looks like a good time was had by all! :-)

    Can we have your mother's dressing recipe? Pretty please?!

    I LOVE and miss those good 'ol southern gatherings! The food is to die for!


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