Friday, January 1

*2010 12-4-12 Challenge

Happy New Year to you all!
  May your new year be full of joy everlasting, growth, and hope for the days to come!

I would like to invite you, no, let me challenge you to join me and Franziska for a quilt challenge!  One blustery morning this past week it seems both of us, while thinking about quilting, pondered the idea of getting a head start on Christmas gift making.  We are both quilters who worked dutifully into the last hours just before Christmas.  Due to these harried experiences we have decided to hold a quilt challenge!  In 2010 we will work diligently to produce one quilt for each month of 2010. (table runner, baby quilt, twin size, queen size or whatever).  The 2010 12-N-12 Quilt Challenge.  Will you take the challenge? If you are a reader who quilts, please leave a comment below stating that you would like to join the challenge.  Upon finishing a quilt you are to send me a picture of your finished beauty which will be added to my monthly post update on the 2010 12-N-12 Challenge.  It may be that two months pass and you haven't completed a project, or it may be that one month passes and you have completed three projects. The idea is to have at least twelve projects completed by December 2010.  Come on, join in the fun!  (you don't have to have a blogger account to leave a comment below)  Please don't forget to send me a picture of your finished projects each month. If you have a blog I will be glad to link your picture back to your blog if you would like.  We are including any projects that are in the works as of the current date. Anything finished in 2010 counts.  For instance, I have 8 that are in the works.

The challenged just got better!  Not only will we be challenging each other in the way of accountability, I have decided to offer a $100 gift card to the winner of a drawing, either an American Express Gift Card or a money order.  This is how it will work.  Your name (you will be assigned a number for the drawing) will be entered for every quilt you finish in the next 12 months.  In order that the winner may choose to use the money for Christmas, the drawing will be the first week  of December.   I will exclude myself from the drawing but not from the challenge!

Don't forget to comment below to join the challenge. Don't forget to send me a picture of your finished project each month (with quilt pattern and fabrics you used if you would like).  You can send them to my email which is listed in the side bar of this blog.  In order to participate you must be signed up  by 31st of January.  To "sign-up" for the challenge.. simply leave a comment below.  ( You must select a profile type below the comment section once you fill it out.. if you don't have any of the profiles shown then you can select name/URL ...  If you do select anonymous please leave me with your name and email addy.)

This applies to all parts of our lives; those who fail to plan, plan to fail.
You can do it one quilt at a time!
12 Total for 2010, can you do it?


  1. I think that this sounds great! count me in :)

  2. Jenny, counted! Thanks for joining! I look forward to your completed projects!

  3. Of course, I am trying to post yet another comment. I am so in!
    Franziska :)

  4. I love this idea and want to join you in this challenge. I spent the morning thinking of all the quilts I would like to make this year. Hopefully this challenge will help me accomplish that.

    :) Robyn

  5. I am in. I can do 12 in 12, for sure. I have one almost ready to quilt now, so that is my Jan! In fact, it is the pink and green one you helped me pick out fabric for.

    i still cant get this to take my openID. I will keep trying.

  6. I'm definitely gonna do it! I know what you mean about sewing like crazy right before Christmas. I start in the summer, and it's still not soon enough. This will be encouraging, and we can see what the others are doing too to give inspiration. What a great idea Lynne and Fransie!

    Count me in! It's Nicole Lee, by the way!!!

  7. This is exactly what I need!!! I did a lot of quilting the last three months of the year(4 tree skirts and a table runner!) This will help me so much to keep accountable! I AM IN!!!!

    This is great! Sharon Akins

  8. Ladies! I hope you clicked follow this thread when you posted your comment to join! How are you doing on those projects? I will be expecting some pics in a weeks time so I can blog on Jan finished projects!

  9. Hey!
    Well, I am finishing up my Jan. project and should get a picture to you Sunday. I am not too sure on how to get you the picture but will figure it out.
    sharon akins


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