Thursday, January 21

*there's a reason

There is a reason they call it Pottery Highway.  NC State Hwy 705, aka Pottery Highway, runs through the states famed area for the beautiful pottery that is crafted all along the way.  On your drive you will see some beautiful countryside, farm animals, *barns,  and signs pointing you to area potters.

Posted signs pointing you to the potters at this cross road.

and more at this cross road..

...and another.  And so the story goes.  You could literally spend the whole day visiting the different potters.  Once in a while you will come up on one that will give you some history of their family of potters and such.  These of course, are just a few of the different cross roads on Pottery Highway.

But my favorite of all, is Nichols Pottery.  Nichols is located right off of 705 and you do not want to go into Seagrove without stopping in nor do you want to leave without stopping back by.    My sweet husband started buying pottery for me years ago when he worked with the Robin Sage training which required him to be up in the Moore County and Randolph County areas several times a year. 

This whimsical tumbler was made by Raven Pottery.
I found this one at a gallery which has many different potters wares on display and available to make your own! She (Raven Pottery) had some really awesome creatures as well, but I am more into practical pottery.

Other than the tumbler, the rest of this beautiful pottery came from Nichols.
Nichols has a screened porch that has shelves around the parameter which holds some of their pottery that didn't meet the quality mark and is then discounted for people like me who don't care that the glaze isn't perfect. The old house has 6 flowing rooms full of the pottery, mostly practical but some decorative pieces as well.  They make a quality piece of pottery and have several color schemes they have used for years.  If you choose to have matching pottery, adding to it will be easy. 


These pieces are solid. Heavy. Beautiful.
We are not gentle people, we need heavy pottery.



The grey and blue mug is from a previous trip to Seagrove (and a Nichols Pottery piece), but I got this awesome crock from a antique shop in downtown Fayetteville for only $12! On this very same day I saw one, well several actually in Cameron North Carolina for at least triple this price.  While I wanted a crock for my kitchen utensils, I could not warrant paying $30 to $40 for an old crock.

On my birthday, I was gifted with cash from a number of my dear friends for the express purpose of taking a trip to Seagrove to select pottery that would travel with us to Florida as a tangible reminder of their love for years to come.   So with that, a great big thank you goes out to Robyn, Wendie, Leota, Ila, Donna, Ann, Jolene and Jodie!


  1. Love it! I love pottery favorite piece was made my a 15 year old girl who was trying to raise money for their family to adopt a little girl with Downs from the Ukraine. I will have to send you a picture sometime. I had her make me a pitcher and basin. LOVE it!!

  2. Hello, I am glad you had a great time in Seagrove. I just posted a linked to your blog from

  3. Thanks for the quilt block love. I didn't use a pattern actually. I just saw this post:

    I just went with it and had fun.

  4. Great, thanks Jenny for the link. I will be making this too! Love it!

  5. I wonder if there will be pottery on the King's Table? Can't wait to find out!!

    I like the new name! I liked the other one too, but this one gets me excited in anticipation!

    Great post Lynnie. Beautiful pottery!!

  6. Thanks Julie! I like this too (Invited to the Kings Table). I am lame in both my feet, but because of Jesus I am invited to the King's Table and that is the point... not my lameness. Anyway...I will likely change my blog link after the quilt raffle is over.... as others have already used the button link I made so I cant change it til that is over!

    Happy Day!


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