Friday, January 8

*shave with care

Be careful shaving or this could happen to you!

Yes, I am aware that this picture is pretty gross. Sorry.  Timon is notorious for fighting. I am just glad he is a bit older and a little more wiser.  I think now, perhaps he only fights to defend himself.  Years ago I am sure  he was fighting to boost his ego.   We do love our cats and we do take good care of them.  However, because we have so many by our own choosing, we take care of as much as we can here at home.  In other words, we don't believe in pouring tons of money into our pets. Just our stand.  I was not going to take Timon to the vet, at first, that is.  I figured it would heal nicely - no problem. Been there done this one with him before.   What you see here is the remains of the abscess having had burst.  We did end up at the vets office this week to get antibiotics, a shot, some salve and various other things that Timon would rather I didn't talk about (the Elizabethan Collar for pets). She shaved the area so it would be easier to clean.  Hopefully he will heal quickly without the help of stitches.


  1. OH NO! POOR LITTLE TIMMY-MON! I hope he heals Godspeed!

  2. Poor kitty. We too try to Dr our pets at home before carting them off to Dr. Missy's office. Hopefully Timon will heal quickly.



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