Tuesday, January 5

*dinner time!!!

Over the years we have trained out cats to come the tune of these melodic words, "Dinnerrrrr Tiiiime!" Our cats mostly get kibbles for their daily meals, and perhaps a slice of turkey or a crumble of bacon on an occasion.  We do not feed them wet food on a regular basis, mostly because I can hardly remember to take my synthroid each morning much less feed six cats wet food each day.  We (that being Eric) do however, on holidays give them wet food. In fact, during a long holiday period like Christmas through New Years Eve or a spring break they may get wet food several days in a row.   This is what that looks like.

All six of them waste no time at all getting to the kitchen.

 It almost sounds  like a choral group during these occasions.

Munchkin, the black one that is trying to get a closer look, has a hard time controlling himself during these moments. 

Four of the six pictured here, are busy taking care of business. Oh, Precious is already done.  She is simply waiting around to see if any of these might need help cleaning their plates...

Good thing she waited. 

All of our cats are Russian Blues, except for the one black one which we are convinced that he is part dog.  He is one of the best fetchers we have ever seen.  He follows you around like a dog and will even chase after you if you prompt him to do so.  You should see Eric running from room to room with Munchkin running close behind.    Due to the lighting this evening, the pics were best viewed in the sepia finish.


  1. Oh, we love Russian Blues. We had one years ago (his name was Blue). Such great kitties.


  2. I LOVE your cats! Looks like fun at dinner time for you guys.

  3. Of course Miss Precious would be the Russian Blue to finish her din din first! hehe :)Munchie is a fantabulous fetcher...like a dog!


  4. I am so wanting a cat! Love your Blues!

  5. Thanks Julie, Gail & Jenny! We do too (love our cats! LOL) Miss Precious misses you Sarah.


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