Saturday, January 9


Only have I met these people by way of the recorded image.   While we were in Georgia my mother-in-love and I pulled out the boxes of old pictures.   Her brother had recently sent her large black and white he had made for her that was out waiting to be framed.  This is what started it all.  Don't you just love that you can take old photo's, throw them on the scanner, upload them and then touch them up if you so desire? I do.  Pictures tell stories.  Stories that happened before I was born, or before I was in the family. Stories that may have been going on while I was not able to be there.  I like to hear the stories that make up the lives of those lived that I did not get to know or time that I may have missed for one reason or another.

I did get a little carried away, though I didn't fully give in to every photo I wanted to scan.  I think I took some time out of two different days to scan almost 200 photos. 

Frank White with his lovely wife Laverne White early on in their marriage. My mother-in-love's parents.

Again.. not sure of the time of this picture.

Don't you love that they had their pictures taken often. There were many more... couldn't scan them all on this last trip. I will get them on the next one!

Kathy (my dear mother-in-love), Grandma White, Grandpa White, and Uncle Tim
Oh! And a cat!!!

This, if I remember correctly is one of the last pictures of them together before Grandpa White's health failed him.

Yep!  This is the one that started it!  I just loved this picture. It spoke to me.  Look at the joy in those faees.  Look at the boots! What about that gun on Grandpa White's hip?  Love it.  (click on any of my pictures to enlarge)

While I love all these pictures, these last three were some of my favorites.  If you didn't know any better, you might think that those boots were Uggs.   In fact, if that car didn't date the picture I am sure you all would have been commenting on her Uggs.

Kathy (m-i-l) and her brother Tim

Love, Love, Love this one...

My m-i-l's father died thirty some odd years ago ( I will have to get that info again and update this) and  her mother, Laverne died 25 years ago.  Both of them suffered from some pretty harsh health issues.  Tim, my mil's brother, lives on the West coast.  

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  1. My husband is envious of all those fish caught in the one photo :-) GREAT pics! Personalities shine through!!


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