Sunday, January 31

*yep, we got a tidbit of snow



 ... it wasn't yellow



 Snow fell lightly through the night on Friday.  When we woke on Saturday, we were surrounded by white beauty for the most part.  While this snow does not compare to January 2009's snow, we are still grateful! By the time evening came the temps continued to drop and somehow in the mix of it all, the snow became ice capped.  Sunday would for sure be a great day for sledding on the icy hill.  These are a few of the pics from our 2010 Snow Adventure.   It is later in the  afternoon as I post this, and sadly the rest of the iced hill is now turning to slush.  At times like this I wish we had a teleporter of some sort, so I could get our southeast Georgia bound niece and nephews here for the fun too!

Thought you all might like to go along for the ride.  Just so you know... I hate roller coasters.. and I sorta felt like I was on a roller coaster.  Henry and I were on the sled together, it really was fun.   These sleds are from Eric and his brother, Tim's childhood.  We have really gotten some use out of them over the years.  Henry loves to listen to this video over and over again.. he says my squeals are too funny. Glad I could humor him.


  1. Looks like you and Homer had fun! I wish I was there to snuggle up by the fire with you....sewing threads stuck on the bottom of my tea in hand...and warm conversations to share! I miss you both so very much!

    P.S. How did you happen to set up the 'You might also like:' at the end of your blog entries?

  2. Oh, I so wish you all were here too!


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