Tuesday, January 12

*epic fail

Epic Fail. 
I think those words are sufficient enough.

As you look at these pictures just imagine a black Honda Pilot, pulling away from a particular gas station in a particular city here in North Carolina with rush hour traffic on the streets all around. The traffic, of course was not the cause for our epic fail.  Now, having had this unfortunate experience I cannot imagine how anyone could complete this epic fail without knowing they had done it.

Henry, being the gentleman he is, got out to pump the gas, ran into the store to purchase his beloved gum (that boy loves him some gum) then ran back out and got in the car.  I was on the phone with my m-i-l, so I assumed he was finished with the pumping because he got in the car and closed the door.  So I proceeded to drive away.  Due to the loud noise,  we both thought I had hit something.  To my shock and amazement, the pump and hose looked just like the ones in the pictures.  It had separated and was hanging out of our gas tank opening.  We were just about 10 feet away from the pump, not driving down the road (thank God). I did have my camera in the car but in the excitement of the moment, I forgot to take a picture.

I did go inside to tell the clerk, she told me I was free to go.  Later this evening as I sat down to check out this amazing stunt, I am finding that this has happened to many people around the country.   What I am also finding  is that many had to pay for the pump.  Thus another thing I am praising my Lord for on this day!


  1. oh Wow! a bit scary and probably embarrassing too!
    Was Henry upset?
    Thank You God for covering them in this.
    You are so good to us.

  2. Holly yes it was a bit scary. Over the years with this happening frequently at various gas stations they have come up with a break away valve which under certain pressure allows the hose to snap away. Henry was very sorry, and what I love is that he was right there by my side in the store waiting in line to tell them of our unfortunate happening. Of course, they and everyone else had, to their amazement, been witness to what had happened. I mean, really, can you imagine? It is something you don't see every day. In all of my 45 years I have never seen such a thing. LOL

  3. Isnt it great for the gift of laughter. I mean, it could have been so much worse. Not to mention, laughing at yourself makes life so much easier. (this one Im still learning!!!)

    (not letting me sign any other way)

  4. This is funny Lynnie. I agree with Trina, could have been a lot worse. I've never seen anything like this either, and a little surprised that I haven't done this. Glad you can laugh ~ and blog ~ about it!!

  5. Okay this is even funnier seeing pictures of what it might have looked like! Thanks for telling on yourself and giving us a chuckle today!


  6. Lynette, that is TOO funny, but also sounds familiar! My MIL did the very same thing while moving across country in a U-Haul...a truck driver passing her was trying to signal her to let her know, but she refused to make eye contact with him!!! She laughs about it now. Thank you Lord for watching over us, we are glad to make you chuckle with our antics!
    -ps still working on my project...learning as I go, thanks for all your help!

  7. lol That's awesome! Sorry for you, but I really enjoyed reading this!

  8. Well, what I realized today is that we were really really blessed to not have ANY cost due to this silly stunt (that could have happened to anyone). I was getting groceries into the back of the Pilot and noticed a 'whip like mark, almost a scratch, on the back of the vehicle between the back glass and the side windows... That was the loud sound we heard.. as the hose broke away from the pump it 'whipped' the car. Now, just imagine what it would have been like if it had of gone just 4 inches to the left or right. I would have a broken window. So grateful.


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