Saturday, January 16

*stitching some love

Instead of quilting today, as I had originally planned, I decided to get some of my Valentine cards finished.  I made some of these last year for Valentines as well and decided to make them again this year.  The scraps from my quilting projects come in very handy with small fabric projects like these.  If you are interested in making these you can google quilted fabric post cards.   These are rewarding and fun to make.  You can create a very personalized piece of artwork (post card) for your friends and loved ones.  I have already addressed these cards so you will notice that I had to blur the addresses in order to maintain privacy.

On the back I just used a lighter color so the address would show up nicely.

This is the front and back before I bonded them together. 

Five down... more to go..

This one is pretty texture rich.  

For a cat lover in my life...

I love this one. This one of course is for someone in my life who is a fan of owls. I hope all those getting these will enjoy them and may it bring a bit of joy and whimsy to their day!


  1. Now those are the kinds of precious memorable cards that one would want to keep forever!


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