Saturday, January 23

*piK-n-pig & junking

Happy Saturday to you!  Since Eric was out of town this weekend Henry and I decided to hit the road to do some antiquing.  We mapped out our stops, plugged them into the GPS and hit the road.  (Me and the GPS have a love/hate relationship)  We stopped at Salvation Army stores, many thrift stores, and quite a few antique shops as well.  I did see ONE piece of furniture that I would have loved to bring home with us, but it wasn't for sale - go figure.  Henry laid his eyes on quite a few things he really wanted but quickly adverted his attention once he found the price was in the hundreds or thousands.  The only purchase made today at the stores was made by Henry.  He bought some LP's.  He is now looking for a reasonably priced record player.  I find that some what humorous, since he owns an iPod.  However, he is not far from the apple tree, he loves old things - like his mother.

Our lunch destination really dictated where we would do our shopping stops today.  We have eaten at PiK-N-Pig (<---Click here for more info)  once before when we were junking.  It was an impressionable stop and we vowed to go again at some point.  So we did.

This quaint little BBQ spot has three generations of love, sweat and tears poured into the barbecue business.  The place was hopping busy when we were there before and today as well.  When you walk in you feel like you are home again.  The Restaurant is located on the Gilliam McConnell Airfield  in Carthage, NC.     The delicious pork is cooked over hickory and other natural hardwood charcoals. Oh my, my mouth is watering just thinking about it all over again!   In addition to the pork, you can finish up your meal with a home made dessert (Coke Cola Cake, Banana Pudding, Coconut Pie, Sweet Potatoe pie and more).   If you live in short traveling distance of Carthage, we highly recommend the drive to PiK-N-Pig.  You all will enjoy the food, the service can't be beat and the kids (and adults) will love the air strip.



You will not be impressed with the fine dining tables or chairs or for that matter the decor.  The good thing about this is, that is not their focus. They have perfected their focus - BBQ!  It comes to you unadulterated.  Just the way I like it.  Sauces are on your table, you can fix it up if you choose.

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