Sunday, January 24

*lame for sure...but invited to the King's Table!

As you will notice, I have changed the name of my blog, but my url remains the same at this time.  When I started blogging I named the blog: Lame In Both Feet, well simply because I am sinful, broken, deserving of nothing but because of my Lord and Saviour, He gained me a place at the King's table.

My blog title has been based on 2 Samuel 9.  David's grace to Mephibosheth is a wonderful picture of God's grace to us.  We are Mephibosheth.

  • We are hiding, weak, lame, fearful before our King comes to us.
  • We have separated ourselves from the King because we did not  know him or His love for us.
  • Our King sought us out before we sought Him.
  • The King's kindness is based on covenant.
  • The King's kindness is extended to us for the sake of another.
  • We must receive the King's kindness in humility.
  • The King returns to us what we lost in hiding from Him, even on an increase it is returned.
  • We have the privilege of provision at the King's table.
  • We are received as sons at the King's table, with access to the King and a close fellowship with Him
  • The King's honor does not immediately take away all our weakness and lameness, but it gives us favor and standing that overcomes its sting and changes the way we think about ourselves.

Thanks for following my blog.  I really like the new blog title, Invited to the King's Table. 


  1. I love the title. It is choice after choice that reminds of this!! Thanks for being "YOU.

  2. I love the new title!

    Another GREAT post!!


  3. I quite like the new blog name! Biblical...poignant...a step moving ever onward. I love you!


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