Friday, January 1


This is the reality of two craft bazaars back to back and Christmas gifts being finished last minute.

As I came into the sewing room this morning to get started on my 2010 Challenge.. I was hit with a  large unwelcome dose of reality!  I had some cleaning, organizing and sorting to do before anything else could be done.

Now that didn't take long. I can feel my creativity flowing already!  While I was clearing out, cleaning up and digging up treasures.. this is what I found, not one, not two but eight quilts that are at some stage of the quilting process.   Get to sewing!


  1. 8 quilts in some stage of completion, oh my!
    I can clean all day and not find that in my closet!

    Lov U

  2. I'm setting up a craft table in my house trying to get myself motivated to doing projects again, and to teach the girls some things. Thanks for posting these pictures ~ I'm stealing ideas!!!

  3. Your welcome Julie, I'd love to see your area when you get it all set up! I had once tried to get rid of this LARGE entertainment center of solid oak, but I am so glad no one showed an interest! It has since become the holder of all my beloved fabrics, threads, books etc. My sewing room doubles as a guest room, so it has to be multifunctional.

  4. Your craft room looks right at home to me - love the creativity it provides. And thanks for all the great ideas. Merry Christmas - Happy New Year

  5. Anonymous, thanks for stopping by, and Merry Christmas to you too!!


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