Tuesday, January 19

*just a request...

Brown Bear, Brown Bear what do you see.. a brown barn looking back at me

an (elaborate) red barn looking back at me

another red barn looking back at me.

I want a barn. 
Today on my drive over the river and through the woods to Seagrove I saw a great number of barns.  These were the three in which I was allowed the liberty to almost stop in the middle of the country road to snap the picture because nothing was moving for as far as my eye could see. (I did pull off the road.)

  When our family arrives can you makes sure there is a barn on our property?

PS.  A cow or two would be nice too!


  1. May it be so! Funny, when we built here in NC I didn't want to be on acreage but now... well it is where my heart is at. Land, roomy house, a barn, 100 cats (LOL), cows, chickens... gardens.

    I might need a hired hand to help me with all of that! Hey Julie, send me your mailing address please.. send to my gmail account over to the right bar.


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