Thursday, December 17

*happy birthday franZiska!

Days. Months. Years. It seems they pass by as fast as the image I captured on a drive to Gatlinburg last fall.   Time does not stand still for anyone does it?  So it seems, another year has come and another birthdate shall be celebrated!
Happy Birthday my dearest friend Franziska!

 This picture is precious to me.   Just Precious.

19 years ago, not too long after moving to North Carolina I met my best friend, Franziska.  You know, friends really are gifts from God.    They change us forever. One life has amazing effects on those around them.

I have a poor memory, but this is one of my first memories of the beginning of my friendship with Franziska:  My husband and I were going out on a date night, so we called on Franziska to help with our son, Robby, for the night. He was probably around 4 or so at that time (I am guessing).  I still remember that drive across the little bridge to the other side of the lake.  We drove up to the flashing caution light which is now a stop light, then there were several large street lights and shortly there after was our turn into her neighborhood.  I don't know why I remember that particular nights drive seemingly so clearly, but I do.  Really nothing significant, just an uneventful drive to her house.  A memory nonetheless.

Sometimes I marvel at how God puts together opposites.  The part I marvel about is the fact that the two don't throw in the towel.  Take for instance my sweet husband, who has some of the same things in common with Franziska. He ALWAYS put back whatever it is he used, he is orderly, he is a list maker, he is a perfectionist, he is in charge, he is mostly Type A personality ... you get the picture.  I am not these things.  So I often joke with him and ask him how he puts up with me? Doesn't it make him nutty to see my scissors laying on the side table in the living room, when I should have put them back in the sewing room? Or what about my shoes at the front door, all three pairs?  I often wonder the same about Franziska.  How does she put up with me?  You know how? She loves me. She adores me.   Isn't it so cool that God puts what we need  right smack in the middle of our faces?  For me, it was her orderliness, list making, heart of gold, timeliness and for her I suppose it was that I was to "show" her how to let loose a bit. You know, go to bed at least one night a year with dirty dishes in the sink, eat in the car , let the dusting go for two weeks and so many of my other flaws I am sure have helped her in some way. LOL.  Let them not be in vain, Lord!  (this pic is a few years old, we basically look the same - plus  or minus a few pounds and a hair color or two change)

She is not perfect, close though. She is perfect for me and God knew this.  We lived in the same town for almost 20 years and became friends in our young adult life.  How blessed am I? You know, I must share this: Franziska is one of those genuine ladies who put up no pretenses for anyone.  What you see is what you get.  Her heart and soul is bursting with a strong desire to be a Godly example but a real woman in the midst of that will always prevail.  You know, I have known many a woman and some fake it til they make it.   Some may not always know how to deal with a real woman, one who does not use christianeze, but to me, it is very refreshing to see a real woman who loves the Lord with all of their heart, do their very best to yield and still be real. 

Franziska, her sweet husband and their girls, now live in the Carolina mountains, as it should be.  How is it that one should dream to retire (or move early) to the mountains and it never be attained? Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life. Prv 13:12   While the miles are between us, nothing shall ever separate us.  I am happy for F and her family who are now surrounded by the beauty of the mountainous terrain.  It is hard, but I can finally say after several years, I am very happy for them and I do not wish them to be anywhere else but where they are.

She... She's the best friend I e'vah had and I luv her (what movie is this from?)

The road between friends is never too far. (We will talk about this again in Fall of 2010) The sky may be shorter.

(I made myself stop here... supposed to be a simply birthday post..)


  1. 'Fried Green Tomatoes.' I love my Momma and I love you too...very much!

  2. Great post Lynnie. You are very blessed to have such a friend and for such a long time. Rare for us army wives living army lives ;-)


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