Saturday, December 19

*happy shopping

While I did not want to be outside of the confines of our home today, I did agree to take Henry over to visit with a friend.  Since I was already out I decided to make a quick run to two stores that had specific things I wanted to pick up.  First of all, it was not quick.. what was I thinking? Second of all, my first stop did not have the items that was on my list, so I headed out to my next stop. I have always liked shopping at Target and today I really liked shopping there!  Take a look at what I got:

2 boxes of Cheez-its, 2 dozen large eggs, 4 blocks of Philadelphia Cream Cheese, 4 Kodak Fun Saver Cameras (great stocking stuffer for the niece and nephews!) , 2 Nestle Toll House Semi-sweet Chocolate Morsels, 1 container of Cranberry Juice--- all for just under $15.   I have recently taken an interest in coupon clipping, coupon printing and coupon stacking!

I have learned a wealth of information in the area of coupon savings from some fellow bloggers. Here are a few of the sites I frequent weekly to help me know how and where to shop for things I ALREADY use but how I can best save money for our family.

Its Hip 2 Save (temporarily located at
Hey Its Free

Our local paper recently ran a 'special', Wed, Sat, Sun paper delivery only eleven dollars for eight weeks. So I have signed on in order to get the coupon fliers each week.  Since I was buying the Sunday paper each week I decided it was a good deal for our family, but we have to remember to cancel at the seventh week in order not to be charge the increased rate once the teaser rate expires!

Happy shopping to you all!  If you have any tips on saving money, couponing or the likes, PLEASE leave a comment or a link back to your blog!


  1. When I'm organized (which isn't often anymore), I use coupons and try to save the surcharge at the commy and if I'm really good I try and save what I tip the bagger too. Being confined to the commy (oh how I miss Target!!!) I find I don't do well with coupon savings, but I'm going to check out the sites you posted over the holidays and see if I can save a little more on groceries in the new year. You always have great tips and info. I always enjoy coming to your blog.

  2. I too save a ton!! I went to Harris Teeter today and got 4 bags of sugar(These will last a while), 4 frozen things of parkerhouse rolls, a thing of coolwhip, 2 things of dressing, a container of sourcream all for $8! I have saved sooo much on our food bill!! Congrats on your saving!!


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