Sunday, December 13

*visions of sugary things

We, like you I am sure, have been in our kitchen cooking up decadent sweets!  Sweets that not only are good to our palette but pretty to the eye as well.  Surely we should not eat an over abundance of these (oops!) nor should we consume them on a regular basis.  Many of us mom's are in the kitchen with the kiddo's making favorite traditional sweets each at this time each year.  These are the things that memories are hung on.

Pictured are some dark chocolate covered cherries with white chocolate drizzled on them.   I have never made these before, but when I saw them featured on a fellow bloggers page, I had to try them.  This will be a new one added to our traditional list!

I hope you are able to slow down enough in this crazy world we live in and enjoy - really enjoy this season.  In previous post I wrote how Thanksgiving was my favorite celebrated holiday.  That still stands.  It is true, Thanksgiving is my favorite because so many other negative factors  have ruled out other 'celebrated' holidays.  I simply dislike the crowds.. well not so much the crowds, I actually like the hustle and bustle of joyful shopping , but I dislike the rude, self-focused  people in the crowds.  As far as I am able to ascertain from past experience, the crowds are larger at Christmas time therefore more rude folks are out. I am sure as a Christian, I should delight in being out there to spread some Christmas cheer and simply smile at them when they are being rude to the cashier, or running over someone to get a specific item.  Honestly, I hate what commercialism has done to Christmas.  I do not like to be out in it at all.   I am grateful for the irreplaceable gift of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ that came sometime during this time of the year, make no mistake of that! 

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  1. I agree about the commercialism. Those cherries, tho, look dlish! If they were strawberries though I would have to come over and help you eat those.


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