Tuesday, December 29

*traditions of the food sort..

When mom(mil) and I made it back around to the driveway from a walk we took one afternoon,  my dear (fil) was using his cake platforms to send us signals to head home. I am so blessed to have such wonderful in laws (in-loves). I think because I have always known nothing but acceptance and love unconditionally, I may take it for granted. I mean, shouldn't everyone experience this? I am grateful.

By the looks of this fridge it seems like we were expecting a large number for Christmas dinner, however there were only eight of us present!  Thankful for the additional refridge that lives in the garage on days like this!  My dear father-in-love makes these delicacies each year during the Christmas season, which follow a tradition his mother started years ago.   Eric's dad usually makes at least two of these each year, sometimes more, this year being one of those times.  These cakes are well known among friends and family as you can imagine!  Friends show up from near and far for a cup of coffee and a slice of this traditional coconut cake.

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