Thursday, December 17

*ta dah..

OK.. well not quite but almost!  I have three blocks left to machine quilt , then on to the machine quilting the borders.  I am really loving the way it is finishing up.

 If you look to the far left top corner you can see the quilting, I love it!

 This little jewel has come in so handy with the tail end of this special project. It is a Seam Ripper Clipper.  My sweet mother-in-love sent it to me for my birthday just last week!  Just in time!

Thanks Mom!

She also sent this awesome mug.  Funny thing is, I have been trying to figure out how I can justify bringing home this adorable kitten that currently lives in Georgia with my mother. I keep hearing about the beautiful kittens' long white fur, her sweet personality and how she is generally wonderful!  I can do simple math....  if we only have 6 cats (yes I realize I just said "ONLY"), then I need to add 3 more to make 9, because ALL LIVES SHOULD HAVE 9 CATS!


  1. I am LoVing that quilting on that quilt. I really like the drunkards path pattern, but you probably already know that since I was the one that won the runner and am in LoVe with it.

  2. Thanks a lot Jenny! I hope your moving is coming along nicely. (Sorry it too so long to respond to your comment)

  3. Pretty! and totally agree about the cats! You can always love another cat!


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