Friday, December 4

*the season begins

The season has begun!  We hit the wide road for the first swim meet, which was away.  While the team did not take home a win on their first meet; each swimmer gave their all.  One of the sweet young girls on the team was found with tears on her face after she swam and lost her heat.  After reminding her that she was new to the team, and  that she had swam as best she could on that particular day, and that not one of her team mates were disappointed with her, she was able to hold her head up.  It is hard, I suppose to compete on a team sport and feel like you are letting your team down.

Warming up before the meet.. it is really mesmerizing to watch and listen to the melodic rhythm of splashing water. 

 Getting some encouraging words from their coach

Here Henry is taking his mark... getting ready...

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  1. Fun! I was on a swim team for a year in Middle School and loved it! It brings back so many fun memories. My little guy has expressed an interest in swimming and that makes me so excited. :)


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