Thursday, June 2

*deployment time again

Our oldest son will be deploying again in just a couple of days and we would love for him to be covered in prayer by you!  Please keep Robby in prayer as he travels to an undisclosed location for a period of 3 months. 

We have had the pleasure of time well spent with him here on the farm every weekend for the last month and a half.   He really enjoys spending time with his dad, and of course he loves me too, but since Eric has been here, we have seen him every weekend except one.  He and his girlfriend came over tonight for dinner.  We will go to visit him at his house tomorrow then head off to Destin to have dinner at a favorite dinner spot of ours. Here are a few pictures from some recent visits

We really appreciate your prayers for his safety during this deployment and so does he.


  1. Robby will be covered in our prayers here in will his sweet parents. Glad you've had this time with him to make special memories. You are SO good at making memories, Lynette. Hugs!

  2. Wow, Lynnette, I cannot even imagine what it must be like to have one your children deploy! The Kercheval Family is certainly covering him in prayer. Please cover my husband is prayer as well as he embarks on yet another deployment as well. This time it will indeed be much different as we moved to Germany a few months ago, but God has gone ahead of us and made a way! Blessings, Carlie K.

  3. Thanks so much to both of you Dianna and Carlie. Dianna, you are one of my cheerleaders, always so full of encouragement, I love that about you. Yes Carlie, it is hard to see your child (grown man) deploy to areas of war, but that is where GOD comes in. I know you are all too familiar with this because of your husbands deployments. I will also pray for your hubby, thanks to you and him for your sacrifice for our continued freedom.

  4. Oh Lynnie, we will keep Robby in our prayers. Hugs for you.

  5. Thanks Julie, this means the world to me.


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