Thursday, June 23

*she lives

Yes, she lives and she lives well!  These pictures were taken in February of this year when I had been without my my hubby off and on, more off than on mind you - since Thanksgiving.  We had agreed early on since our selection of breed was GIANT that she would not be all owed to sit on OUR furniture.  We held this through until January'ish.  

Look at me Mommy, don't I look precious up here? I am so comfortable. I can be your companion and lay beside you when you rest here since Daddy is not here. It is my job, Mommy, to snuggle with you since Daddy can't right now. HOOK. LINE. SINKER. 'nuff said.

What? Your gonna have to put a stop to this? What? You and Daddy agreed that I couldn't sit on the furniture? The idea of this disgust me Mommy.

Mommy, PLEASE. Don't I look so cute?  Um yes, Frayja, you do. That is how it all started, but you and I both know that it should have never stared and that it has to come to a quick end!  I did confess to Eric my waywardness. We agreed that it STILL was not a good idea, for many reasons.  Frayja is such a quick, smart, fast learner and breaking this habit only took a day or two.  She is still allowed to lay on her one piece of furniture and thankfully she does not get confused as to what is hers and what is not.  We are very happy with her temperament, with her obedience and her place in our family. 

This one was taken just this morning during a much needed rain. She asked to go out to potty, but made it no further than the front porch.

Owning her piece of furniture... 

Summer of '11

Perhaps you are wondering how she is getting along with the chickens, rabbits and goats and maybe even the cats.  Well  let me just say that she feels she is unduly challenged on a daily basis!  She is learning to be gentle with Julie and Munch (our inside cats). If she was able, she would love to show every one of the rabbits and every one of the chickens her tonsils.  We tried to introduce her to the sweet goats - it is going to take a while before she learns to be calm and gentle with them. But over all, she is well!


  1. She is one of the prettiest dogs I have ever seen. Her fur is beautiful!

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