Monday, June 20

*fowl news

 Many of our girls will cautiously walk up to you if you are sitting down somewhere in the barnyard.  They seem to enjoy being "petted".  We started feeding our girls scratch from our hands just for fun,  around the time they were getting their pin feathers. We still feed them cracked corn from the palm of our hands several times a week as a treat.  

 Since the girls started laying their ranging time has been a bit curtailed.  They now have to wait until after lunch before the bug fest begins!  We are not so hip on having an egg hunt in the middle of the summer. 

This is one of the Easter Eggers (Araucana/Americana Breed). They look bearded and are one of the prettiest in our flock, in my opinion. They are the least trusting of the group.

This is one of our three Rhode Island Reds, she is one of the girls who likes to be petted.


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