Monday, June 13


Today, even though I feel like this sunflower looks, I rejoice!  I rejoice because I have no reason to not rejoice!  I am tired, I am worn out, and I am ready for a break, but I rejoice!  We have been so very blessed by a ground that has burst forth with healthy hearty vegetable plants that have yielded more than we imagined (reminds me of Ephesians 3:20).   I hope you are having a great day and enjoying where ever it is that God has you today!


  1. Love you!!! beautiful reminder

  2. Feeling it here too Lynnie. Rejoicing about coming home and all the Lord has for us at "home". Rejoicing through the fatigue and exhaustion of a move because He is good and faithful and sees us through to the end. Rejoicing for the blessings of your life and the opportunity to share in that through your blog. :)


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